On Gaming and Me

There is a point while playing that you have to realize you are there to have fun.  The problem is that this point in time may not be a definite length of time and you may miss it.  When you play, is it to adhere to the rules?  If you find yourself and your opponent at a cross roads do you give in or do you stick to your point and continue to drive it home?

I found myself playing at the usual Monday night game and became very competitive.  I don't mean to imply that I am not normally competitive.  I think thats why the majority of us are drawn to the game actually.  Sure you have your painters and modelers who enjoy the work, or the few who delve into the story and feel that the fight on the table is an extension.  But I would say the majority of purchasers of GW merchandise are competitors.  Maybe they don't go to the tournaments, but they try to play games to win when they have the opportunity.

We had a rules question about a dreadnought and when he is destroyed.  I had my line of thinking and Matt had his.  As we are both strong willed men, we both became very heated in our discussion.  I still wouldn't call it an argument.  Matt's wife did and probably didn't appreciate it (sorry again, I know the Olympics were on.)  Eventually we spent a good 20 minutes looking up the rule and re-reading it to each other.  Matt ended up pulling the model just to get the game going but it didn't leave me with the satisfaction that I had won.  If anything it left me feeling pissed off that I couldn't understand a rule.  A rule in a book that has no real world application.  Even now Matt has posted a question on his website (Archangels), but hasn't had any answers.

I think we may have to institute a two minute rule.  After two minutes if it can't be easily answered or found in the book, then both sides just need to pick a fair outcome.  Whether thats a real world outcome or just one person giving in, I don't know.  It probably won't work because I doubt either of us will give in.  But it took a 2000 pt game, and turned it into a four hour mêlée.


New Plastic Deff Dread and Killa Kan!

GW just realeased some new Walkers for Hummies and Orks.  I am loving the different variations you can make.  Once again by switching a model to plastic, GW has increased the number of Ork bitz.


The Black Library

So a few months ago I decided that I needed to jump start my 40K interest.  I had all these models but I wasn't playing my 'Crons or building with my Orks.  So i started reading Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghost series.  I picked up the first omnibus and never really put it down.  After devouring the first omnibus I started the second, "The Saint" which continues directly where Gaunt's Ghosts left off.  I have to be honest with you, the writing had me jones'in for a Guard fix.  I then decided to read Ravenor and I had a little down time with this one but was able to power through some of the longer parts and still very much enjoyed the read.

What I am looking for now is a good Space Marine story in the fashion of Gaunts Ghosts.  Anyone have any recommendations?