Questions for the community and Battle-Rep 01-26-2009

If you arn't interested in the battle, please go to the end and read the questions I have asked, I am looking for feedback/answers.

So Matt and I have been trying to get in a game for the last two weeks, but with work and shift change, things have been difficult. For today's game we decided to up the Pts to 1500. The battle was capture and control and was spearhead. After choosing corners, I chose a tower and Matt chose a bunker as our objectives.

I went first, choosing to fully deploy. Matt went with a full reserve/deep-strike.

Round 1 and Round 2: Going first I had my first round and second to move before Matt could even show up.

Bottom of round 2: Matt's only gets one squad, the tanks fail reserves. His first move was to deep-strike a 5-man termie squad into my rear. At first he was hesitant, I have become good in bunkering my troops in, I hate his assault ability, and I now try my best to force him to come at me and not get into a cross fire situation. But I had left a small, 6"x"4 space behind the tower, and didn't occupy the tower (all my squads where 10 man squads, and wouldn't fit.) So Matt decides to chance his troops and land on the tower, but before he has to worry about dangerous, he scatters 4" and lands safely to one side. He shoots at a squad of warriors, inflicting 1 kill, but WBB saves him.

Round 3: At this point, if you have followed my battle posts or Matt's, you would know that I have bad luck with termies. Their 2+ reg. saves are grating and I don't have any power weapons that force him to use the 5+. So Matt's squad lands, and he has cover from his left but none in front. At this point I decided to just move some men back and then lay into him. Total shots, 62, of those 62, 42 hit, which resulted in 24 wounds. Matt had 5 models and failed 6 saves over all. It felt good to actually do some damage for once. But that was only the top of round three.

Bottom Round 3: Matt's tanks arrive, bringing Belial in the LRC and another squad in the LR. Matt takes a few shots at the monolith but for the most part round 3 is finished.

Round 4: Here is where the action starts. I fire a few rounds back but mostly keep my troopers boxed up. Matt cruises his tanks up to my troops and unloads Belial. Belial's squad assaults my Lord who I had left carelessly by himself. The lord is quickly dispatched.

Top of Round 5: There wasn't much to shoot at, most of Matt's models were either in cover or still inside a tank. So I decided my best bet would be to use the Necron Gauss rule and shoot at the tanks. I ended up taking out a few weapons but that was about it. Those troops that had shots on Belial failed to deal any damage.

Bottom Round 5: Matt turns Belial onto my Monolith. The 'lith had been stunned, so he got to have his way with it. at 23 total hits, 22 hit, with 7 weapon destroyed penetrations. The mono only has 6 eligible weapons, so the 7th pen became immobilized. Matt smelled blood but realized that this could be the last round, so he had moved his second LR back to his objective so he could claim it.

Round 6: Rolled and succeeded.

Top of Round 6: This round felt like a repeat. I had nothing else to do, so I shot at the LRC again, destroying all weapons. I just needed two more hits to stop it and destroy it, but alas, this was not going to happen. The 'lith was going no where, and the troops where stuck where they were.

Bottom of Round 6: Matt moves his LRC just in case there is a round 7, and then finishes off the 'lith with another 6 weapon pen's. That was more than enough to destroy it. Belial gains a huge 6" consolidation and moves into my squad of warriors. His other LR shoots into my destroyers taking 1 out.

Round 7: Rolled and failed.

Battle was a Tactical Draw.

We added up Victory Pts, and they came out 245 DA and 480 Necs. Had I been just a little more lucky , the LRC would have put Matt at 495. But once again neither Matt nor I will concede with Victory Pts, so the battle remains a draw.

What did I learn? This was my first time using destroyers. They were alot of fun, BS-7 to hit, all my units hit on 3's and the str of a regular destroyer meant I was wounding on 2's twelve shots was alot of wounds, I can see myself taking alot more destroyers. I also noticed that having more warriors and a full squad of immortals meant I was dealing alot of damage. As I noted before, killing off an entire squad was great to moral, but sense Necrons are almost soulless, it was just pleasing for me.

I think Matt and I both realized that we have along way to go in understanding the rules before the tourney in March. Its always the little things that end up slowing down a game that become frustrating.

Last thing, I have a few questions for the blogging community. Recently Jawaballs posted a comment/question regarding Lash and moving jump-pack troops in difficult terrain. Here is my ruling on this (which means spit but its how I see it.) jump-packs are only used when going more than 6". There, the end. If you arn't going more than 6" then you wouldn't turn on your jump-pack. Now that I have answered someone else's question, I have a few of my own.

In the Necron Codex, it states Gauss weapons penetrate armour on a 6 regardless of armour value. It counts as a glancing hit and you roll on the penetration table. Matt and I have decided (although I don't think he is fully convinced,) that the rule means you roll on the armour penetration table in the 5th edition book, you suffer a -1 for glancing and a -2 for non-AP weapon. that means that you need a 6 to destroy a weapon. Does anyone else do it like this? If not, do you use a different rule? And if so what. Also if you havn't thought about it and would like to comment, I would like to hear what you have to say. Just to give you a heads up, the armor tables and comments are on page 61 in the rule book. I would also like to state, that the rulebook specifically states that Codex's supersede the rulebook, so if its in the codex, then it comes first.

The reason I am asking this, is when we go to the tourney in March, I need to know if I need to bring heavy destroyers to deal with armor, or if I can rely on getting a ton of glancing shots. I know if I concentrate my firepower I can do it, so its not a matter of "if."

So please let me know what you think, any comments are welcome, but if your just going to hate on Nec's then keep it to yourself.

Our Number is Legion


Juahn F'rann said...

Gauss rule states that a six rolled for armour penetration causes automatically a glancing hit. Under 5th Ed. rules this means a roll in the vehicle damage table modified by -2 (for the glancing hit), and I think that Necrons have no weapons with AP- so I don't fully understand why another extra -1 (for a total of -3). If you mean that you're using the Gauss rule for close combat hits you're wrong; Gauss rule applies only to the Gauss firing weapons, and as stated in the rulebook, any special rule a firing weapon may have is automatically discarded in a close combat weapon (from the rulebook - Assault Phase - Hand to hand combat - even the best rifle of the galaxy won't help you in the enemy is smashing your head with a rock!!). In the same way, you don't get a +1 in the vehicle damage table for beating a vehicle with the butt of your meltagun either. Anyway, I suppose that's not your question; but hey, you never know :)

Lach said...

@ Juahn, no, I wasn't talking about assaults. Aparently I had been using the table wrong though and using -2 for glancing and -1 for any weapon not AP1. You pointing this out helps me out alot, but your original statement is what I was seeking, in that it still counts as an automatic glance. That is good because it means I have a chance to immobolize the vehicle as well. Thank you for your assistance. I feel like an idiot for hendering my own shots with the -1 though oh well.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Lach - nice battle report! Isn't it cool when you get to fire 62 times in a turn?!

Matt said...

So I have been sitting in the vehcle damage and charts area for the better part of an hour now. And dont feel bad we both did it. I took the ap- to be any not ap1 minus 1 too. But alas we were wrong cause all o our weapons have an ap value, (game on manolith-insert evil laugh-.) After reading and reading and then rereading I have to agree with the glance shot stuff. Which I did yesterday but now more so. Tourny wise 2 squads of the destryoers will be deadly. But so would the monoliths. More on that at another time. I also found all the crap about vehicle cover saves etc. It's the same as normal figures. Anyway back into the book. I'm glad we've clarified the AP- ruling finally that not -3 will be nice especially when i go over your armor value with my ap2's hehe.
Oh and yes 62 shots do hurt.