My thoughts as of late

So its been a while since my last post. I havn't really been doing much to post about unfortunately. Since my last little bat-rep I have just been looking at my army and feeling the ever growing tide of despair as the work never seems to be done (don't worry for me Argentina, I have been told by my buddy Matt, over at Archangel, that my measly army is nothing compared to the 30,000 pts he has, much to be painted.) Part of my growing animosity to my army has been an upcoming tourney in March. Matt and I plan on attending the Exterminatus. Until just last week, the website for the event wasn't even updated. Even now, the count down clock is counting down to May and not March, and the rest of the website hasn't been updated. As this will be my first Indy GT, and truth be told, my first tourney, I would hate for it to be a bust because the event organizers couldn't get their collective shit together.

So here is a peek into my mind the last few weeks concerning 40k, as the event didn't appear to be on track, I began to slack on my painting. I havn't really painted any more points, and I just sort of messed around with what I had. I played a few games on the new table and thats about it. So skip forward to the present, and I realized that I just lost three weeks of prime painting time. I am now feeling rushed to get things done. If you look to the right of this post, you can see the list of items still in need of paint. So I started painting warriors, but even then I didn't have that drive. I ended up finishing the warriors, only 9, and I painted up my scarabs, which I don't even use! Still the scarabs look cool, right...

Any who, I took some photos, here is my work area, its the gaming table with a tall chair, and I have a small TV dinner stand that works like a little work bench.

And what is on that stand? Yes, its my new mostest awesomeness dremel(but not dremel brand!) I love this little gadget, its so much fun to use.

The next few shots are of the work in progress, I actually pulled the bases off my previously painted models and re-primed them. In my initial painting process, I got alot of the bases covered in blue wash. I now paint the models off the sprue and then glue them to a collection of pre-primed bases.

Here is the Monolith, all broken down and re-primed. You can go back to the old photo's and see the black that it once was. You may also notice that there are two bases, that is not another monolith, but the remainder of the accident that i had when taking the mono apart. I purchased a new base and will use the old one for a custom made pylon.

Out of all the apathy I had for painting, this is the one thing I actually enjoyed. Its a hardened bunker that I built one day. The roof is from an old outdoor lighting system that was at the house when we moved in but never used. And the base is a piece of Styrofoam that came in some box or another. I then took a oatmeal tube and cut out a section for the walls, cut in some steps and added a few sprue bits to make the door. It also has an almost 360 degree firing arc. During the painting process there was some problems though. Its so cold here lately that the paint didn't dry quickly on the glossy cardboard or the stone spray on the foam. So when I came back four hours later to assemble the pieces, the two paints stuck together and then ripped the foam along the edge of the tube and the foam. The end result was one pissed off me, but the job is done, and I am still pleased.

So that has been my work up til now. As you can probably see in the photos, my next project will be the three wraith. After that I am going to move on to the Destroyer/Heavy Destroyers. Last will be the monolith, mostly because it will take the most patience. I also have 11 more warriors to paint.

Last but not least, everyone has been posting pictures of their dogs here as of late. So here is the pack of rabid pups we have. The black Greyhound in the foreground is Father Dan, he was a racer that we adopted from the track. The black Greyhound the background is Gypsy, she is an old blood donor from my fiance's work. We took her in when she became to old to donate anymore. The tiger stripped Greyhound on the left is Set, he was also a racer, he is the new blood donor, which we have taken in due to some lack of care at his original clinic. And last but never least is the Tan mutt in the middle background. Thats Trixie, the three legged pup. She was with my fiance when we first met. Trixie can be a pain at times, but she is very sweet.

So thats about it, and as always

Our Number is Legion


Matt said...

I never said measly. I was just trying to perk you up , cause you didnt have to paint up 13k plus points of plastic. And no worries on the exterminatus, if it doesnt work we wont go , no wories at all.

Juahn F'rann said...

I want to encourage you to keep the good work. Do not get discouraged, your army looks absolutely great, and you must have in mind that it takes time to assemble and paint all that stuff. Relax a bit, keep working steadily and the results will show up themselves. That's the way the hobby works :)

Lach said...

@Matt: Measly was mostly my own word to give flavor to my post, not something that I thought you implied. I was just venting some steam.

@Juahn: My fiance keeps telling me the same thing. I know its a hobby, but I have always had that drive to get something finished and it always bugs me when I feel like I have slacked on it.

Thanks for the nice words guys.

Chair2squeaky said...

Well done paint job on your Necrons. Its cohesive and pulls your entire force together.