Battle Rep 12-30-2008

1250 pt Necrons vs Space Marine Scouts
Army lists:
1 Necron Lord with veil/orb/warsythe
30 Necron Warriors
3 Wraith
5 Immortals
1 Monolith
Click on the link for the Spacemarines army list.
This is not your typical battle report, I am going to list things out of order, but as long as you go with the battle itself it will all make sense. At least it did for me.
This was the first battle on the new gaming table (as seen here at archangels.) This time Matt decided on a scout army as opposed to the termies that I have come to lothe. The battle is dawn of war annaliation. On roll off Matt choses to go second, a choice that we later find would be an error as first would give his scouts their scout move and then his normal first term move. All is not lost though as his landspeeder storm, dreadnought and Razorback all attempt to assault my monolith. But as I have the inital selection of ground, I hit the middle directly. And this royaly makes his choice difficult. The inflitrate rules back up the deployment rules of 18" while in line of sight or 12" out of line of sight. I placed my troops so he would have no choice to place them 18" and even with scout moves he still had to put them 12" away. I soon fire into the closest squads, but as everyone should know, DoW's first round is night fire. Only three of my units are able to make range and only to a measly 4 model loss. I have 30, yes count them, 30 warriors and 5 immortals. Thats a devistating barrage of 70 shots fired and a lousy 4 models are killed. BAH!

As the first turn advances I find my mono set upon. Matts landspeeder is able to use multi melta to stop the mono from moving, but as this is no worry, because the pylon will work reguardless of the state of the rest of the vehicle (much to my pleasure.) I soon find myself assaulted by the command squad of normal marines against my Necron lord with his detachment of 10 warriors, which for the first time in the history of my necron gaming, I whip to the man, and only lose one in the process (Necron warsythe ftw!!!)
The battle does not fare well for an entire squad of warriors who become over run by the bike squad. I felt this was a great loss, but that was until I lost all 3 Wraith before they could even strike a single blow! I used them to freely and moved them before my warriors, and even with their +3 saves I could not bring them back from the brink. (We would later go on to proxy our troops to see what the assault phase looked like, and even fudged that up because I forgot they have the +3 inv, but I at least took the squad to 3 troops before losing my last wraith.)

As things went, I stormed my warriors forward in revenge for the wraith. Squad of 10 Necron warriors vs squad of 10 Space Marines, by the end of the game I had put that SM squad down to two, and my necrons were at 5. Thats not to say I won, far from it, for you see, I made a grave error. In an effort to be clever, I used the Veil of Darkness to transport my lord and his squad of 9 warriors into my enemies rear. But I scattered, and my choice of ground was poor. Result... I rolled off the table :( . This threw my game out the window, with the phase now being so low, it was just a battle of attration. My mono lived up to its potentional though, and even though it would eventually be immobilized, I still destroyed the Dreadnought and Razorback, both in firey explosions that damaged the scout squad that had assaulted my immortals. Soon it was last man standing and I was odd man out.

Over all it was a good battle, and I think I had a good chance if my lord had not gone. But since neither myself nor Matt concede what might have been, the result was a phase out once more from the necron forces. The battle ended with 5 warriors and the monolith still standing. We would go on to roll a 6th, imiginary round, in which his landspeeder with multi melta would destroy the mono and the remaining warriors would be crushed from a second squad of 10 scouts, but that also never happened so its a phase and nothing else.

What have I learned... SM are just strong in general. I am begninning to understand placement alot more, giving myself more options. I need to stop allowing my enemy to place his models where they can not be placed. I gave him the benifit for the bikers, but that only lead to loosing an entire squad of troops. Maybe they would have done more damage somewhere else, but the result was still crushing. I can win CC if I press the advantage. And the last thing I have learned. My table is so much better than anything in that gaming store and I am quite proud to have finished it.
Here are a few pictures, they arnt much as we got into the battle and forgot to photograph but they give you the basic idea.

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