The Immortals assemble.

This is a photo "Heavy" update and I appologize in advance but I was actually patient enough to catalog my painting and was very pleased with the models.
I was sitting around the house just three days ago and had the urge to paint. I have everything but the monolith primed and I was so frustrated with that hulking behemoth that I didn't even want to look at it. So I picked up the immortals, which I play with every game, and had one of those moments of "yes I can." The end result is cataloged below.
This first picture you will remember from a previous post. it shows the 10 immortals primed in white, quite simple.

I then added a first coat of wash. The wash has always seemed to light to me, so I moved on to a second. Below I have four photos, the first two are just one coat of wash, the second are two coats. Even in the photos I can see the difference.

Next I added the "baby blue" to the armor plates, head and chest.

I then added the metallic blue and gun-metal gray to the models. I also wanted to do something unique so I added a small stripe to the sides of the armor. You may have also noted that I did not paint the shoulders. I was on the fence about this for some time, before deciding to leave them wash. I think it helps to seperate them from my other models.
This is also the point where I found that I had lost a weapon at some point. YES, great disaster. But I hit on a inspiration. When turning a necron destroyer into a heavy destroyer, you are given a metal weapon to replace the weapon that comes with the standard destoyer. The bonus is that they still send the destoyer gun on the sprue. So I began to paint up the destoyer weapon as well, which you can see painted black in the fore ground of the second picture.

See those little blue rods, 22 freaking little blue rods. Those have to be cut, sanded flat on each end, then grinded down to fit each weapon. The only thing worse about these models is painting the armor.

So since I was a weapon short and was incorporating the destroyers weapon, I decided to make a Sergant for my immortal squad. Now if anyone knows necrons, it knows we are the most basic army in the entire 40k verse. All you have to do is look at the back of the 40k rulebook and see that we have less model options, weapon options, and almost no wargear to speak of. That also means that there is no such thing as a squad leader. But that doesnt mean I cant paint up a model like there is one. Thus I began to working on making one model just a little bit better.
In this next picture I began painting the spine in the metallic colors just to give it a bit of difference.

And now, the final show. I put in the rods, glued on the arms, and thus we have, 10 Necron Immortals.

Here is the squad leader close up. Notice that little blue lump under foot, that would be a space marine helmet, thanks to Matt from Emperors Archangels.

And there you have it. I was very pleased with the outcome of these models. Painting these has also inspired me to begin writing fluff, more on that later.
So, as with any art, I ask for your thoughts. Like, dislike, what needs work. Photo taking wise, this is what I gots so concentrate on the models.
More to come later.

Our Number is Legion


Matt said...

They look good, can't wait to shoot em up. Sorry about missing the game today...I um....yeah.....bad morning for me. I hope you know if you keep taunting me with my allies poor decapitated heads I will have to show you the wrath of the Emperor.

BrittBeah said...

Aw, Hunny Bunny, your little toys look so cute. Loves

Gamers World said...

Cool, I like the models and the squad leader idea is cool.

Anonymous said...

I like the squad leader idea, it gives the army more character. I'm liking your colourscheme alot too, it'll be very striking when its all done.

VoidLord said...

Great color scheme! Im partial to blue and white myself. Looking forward to the rest of the army

Juahn F'rann said...

Awesome man! It seems that those new washes work great for army painting. Nice choice of colours, and the blue rods detail is really cool. Great job!