Stolen Peeves List

***I stole this from Archangels after having a comment post that was just as long as his original post.***

If I could pick one, just one to get rid of, I would pick the stinky guy. I can stand the rules guy, and if someone touches my models without asking I am confident in my ability to harm them. Cheater/Fastroller is second, and its close but I can do something about that as well.

There is just something about going into a public place like a game shop and telling a person who constantly frequents there that he smells and should be drug out back and hosed down.

I would also add another person to the list,
The Hover - I don't mind when people watch when I am gaming. I actually enjoy it (espically if I am winning) but this guy, this guy wants to look right over your shoulder, or will get right up against your table, maybe even be so bold as to lean against the table (which will often result in a knocked over model when he violently shoves himself away from said table.) This guy can often go right into touchy guy.

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BrittBeah said...

aw, hunny. i guess it sucks to hang out with weird gamers huh?
love you and thanks for the prez!