Necron Lord Arise

Welcome to another installment,
So I held a poll and had those that read the blog choose a project for me. Right from the start the majority seemed to be shooting for a necron lord. From previous posts you can see the primed lord, ala no hand. Well I finally found a better camera so here is the lord with the blue wash.

These next two pictures are a front and back of the finished model. I was going to do a work in progress type showing but I didn't think about it till was finished. This was a fun model to paint and I am quite happy with its color.

All of my miniatures in this army are going through a weathered look. I use a gun metal metallic gray on all the armor surfaces to show wear, and then go back over the whole model with a mist blue which adds a frost look to most of the edges. About the only thing I don't like about this model is his staff. The blade came out good, along with the butt plate at the bottom, but the staff itself doesn't look right. I used ultramarine blue and then used the metallic blue to highlight it, and then did my usual wear and frost. It just doesn't fit the color of the model, its almost too blue.

Last thing I wanted to show is my choice in paints. I use almost all of these at one point during the models creation, the only two things missing is an antique metallic gold that I chose just for the staff and the wash, but you can see the wash just barely in a different picture.

That is all for now, I should have a match today, the results of which should be posted at http://emperorsarchangels.blogspot.com/.

Our Number is Legion


Matt said...

Even though i had to crush him (hehe) he's still great looking. I wish I hadn't let him get lost to the warp in the monolith accident.

jabberjabber said...

I like the pose of this miniature - the way he is holding the battered banner communicates his distaste for it. Nice job.