Build Pictures II

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I finished the first 24 warriors and have finally taken photos. Mind you I couldn't find the digital camera again so they didn't do well with close ups.

But before I show off the finished product, take a look at this monolith. Now I think I should establish that I purchased alot of my models off Ebay. I am fully behind supporting my local hobby shop, but when trying to jump right into gaming and not buying piecemeal, Ebay just has the better cost. Also I want to state that I dont find fault with the seller of the monolith. His painting of the warriors was original and actually quite good. But his construction of the monolith left much to be desired. Since I am using a white base I knew before hand that I would have to re-prime it. Here is the resulting Monolith.

You may have noticed the weapon missing from the corner, that was my doing, I was checking to see how easy it would be to take the 'lith apart. It has easy points, glued much like tack welding, while others seem to have been slathered in Krazy glue. The problem that I am worried about is when I put it back together, will the pieces fit correctly or has something been done that wont allow the joints to connect fully.

Next up is the immortals primed and ready to start their paint job. As you can see I have a set of 10, which is about the maximum that I will use.
And here we have the Necron Lord, I plan on using alot more metallic colors for him, along with more darker blues, should be something cool to see.
This is a aweful close up picture but it gets the gist of the over all paint scheme. I am using a blue rod in place of the green ones, but they dont come dark enough for my tastes. I would almost prefer a solid color as opposed to transparent. Maybe I will try something else.
And here is the box set of 24 Necron Warriors (minus the scarabs which are woefully under painted.)
A little different shot, trying to show just how many models there are, necrons have only 1 troop choice so I guess we have to make the best with what we got.
Little closer, little more light.
So thats the basics right now. With so many more models to paint I am not sure when I will get it all done. No rush though, I want to do these right. You may have noticed the bases are white, and some have blue on them, thats from the wash. I plan on doing a snow base theme but that will be when all the models are finished painting. I have some bits donated from space marines, along with blue glass that looks like ice. It should all look very cool.
If you are reading this then you probably read the poll at the top. If you havn't voted then please do, I am overwhelmed by the shear number of the models.
Our Number is Legion

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