The Awakened Arrive

Welcome all,

I plan on making this my main blog about the new Warhammer 40,000 Necron army that I am building. The army will be based off a Flying Circus design and will be painted in an white/blue theme, giving the aspect that my Nec's have been asleep on an ice planet and have just awoken.

I hope to have many pictures up soon. They will consist of the build/painting process and the campaigns that I attempt. There currently is only two people that I know personally in my area that play, one fielding Space Marines (in various forms) and the other Chaos. The SM has a large number of models and has many years of experience, so that's where I expect my greatest challenge to come from. The Chaos player is brand new to the game, just bought the starter box and has yet to game with us but should be ready to field 500 Pt's soon if not 750 Pt's.

A little about my 40k experience:
I started playing 40k in 2003 with a Eldar army. I designed it after the Biel'tan cast using the Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine as the leader and a cast of Aspect warriors. I used this pretty well against Imperial Guard, Tau, and Orcs'. I ended up selling this army off the army in 2006 due to lack of use. I was not pleased to sell them but I was short on cash and since almost everyone who played graduated college there wasn't anyone to game with. Then came the new job and at with that several people who play. I decided that I didn't want to play Eldar again (although after the 5th edition rules answered all the problems that I wanted seen too,) so I picked the Necrons. Little did I know, that I picked one of the most jacked up armies to pick. The Nec's are in need of a major overhaul. They only have one troop, and their Close Combat ability is non-existent (Don't think you can tempt me with your flayed ones, they are not up to snuff.) As of right now, I have only played 500 Pt, 750 Pt, and a few 1000 Pt matches. All have been against an SM player who has tried several methods against me. What I have learned is that if he closes with me, I am screwed, the end. So I have to have enough units on the board to keep his separated and allow me to shoot into them while they move to close with other units. Basically I have to sacrifice someone at this point in time. Now some of you may read this and have several strategies, well until I get everything built, I am limited in my unit choices, so no Flying Circus just yet.

That is just the start of what I hope will be many posts yet to come. Here is a link to my friends blog where he has posted several battle reports on a couple of our encounters.

Our Number is Legion


Anonymous said...

My two favourite armies in conflict! the Dark Angels and Necrons! That can't be an attractive outcome.


Lach said...

Its not so much a problem for him, as for me right now. Maybe once I get things rolling I will have a better shot.