First trial list for March Tournament

Okay I wanted to post my list here, I am not one of the uber secret people who is hardcore on the tourney circuit, so I have no problems showing off what I will be bringing.

2000 Pt. List
  • Destroyer Lord: w/Res Orb, and Staff of Light
  • Lord: w/Res Orb, War Scythe, and Phylactery
  • 4 Squads of Warriors: 10 models each
  • Immortals: 10 models
  • 2 Squads of Destroyers: 3 models each
  • Wraith: 3 models
  • Tomb Spider
  • Heavy Destroyer: 3 models
Total Pts.: 1998
Phase Out at 48 models, or 16 Models left on the board.
So thats the list. There is alot of shooting which is why I wanted the wraith as one of those come out of no where models. The only thing I feel iffy on is the tomb spider. I can't decide on removing this model and replacing it with another destroyer or what. Maybe even coming up with points to put in a second extra destroyer and having two squads of 4. Oh, and I am fine with not having a monolith. Yes its a large vehicle that draws alot of fire. Also the Phly on the lord is pretty much just an add on, I didn't know what else to do with the last 17 pts.

Here is what I have that I could play with:
  • 44 Warriors
  • 10 Immortals
  • 3 Wraith
  • 2 Destroyer Lords
  • 1 Lord
  • 1 Nightbringer
  • 1 Deceiver
  • 8 Destroyers
  • 3 Heavy Destroyers
  • 1 Tomb Spider
  • 1 Monolith
I need to register for the tourney soon, and when I register they require your list. So having these models in mind, any suggestions?

Our Number is Legion


Equinox said...

Overall, I like your list as it has a decent mix of the various necron units.

I missed if the tournament is scoring composition, which I hope it doesn't. If it does, I would expect a hit for having two max units of immortals.

Lach said...

@Equinox, the Immortals are a max squad of 10 in one unit, I am thinking of splitting them into two units of 5 but even then, that wouldn't be a composition issue.