Bat-Rep 02/23/2009, More questions

Yet another exciting battle between the Dark Angels and the Necrons... yeah we really don't have any other local opponents. Both of us have plans on a second army (Matt actually has started gathering models.) Anywho here goes the bat-rep.

2000 Pt Army on a 4'x4' table (god this was small)
Mission: Seize Ground; 3 Objectives
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Necron 2000 Pt Army

Dark Angels 2000 Pt Army

Matt wins roll off for markers, and places one near his side, and his other near my marker on my side (Note the oh so original plastic apoc banners.) I roll a 3 to his 1 for deployment and also elect to go second.

Top of Round 1: DA deploys on the board, except Belial's squad. DA teleports in his termies, using the bikes to prevent scatter. Shooting across the battle field with Las Cannons and Plasma Cannons, he is able to take out 3 models.

Bottom of Round 1: My Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers shoot back, taking out a termie and someone from the heavy squad. Most models get up from WWB

Result, nothing really gained, the DA now control one flag from deploying so close.

Top of Round 2: Las and Plasma Cannons as usual. All misses. Termies Capture the second flag and begin to bunker in.

Bottom of Round 2: Looking for some action, the Destroyer Lord and Wraith leap forward to take on the tank destroying it. Although this was later realized to be a low value target.

Top of Round 3: Belial arrives and the tomb spyder is killed by the termies who shoot the thing to death. The Jetpack troops assault into the destroyer lord (who was unattached.) Result ends up being no loss for the DA and one dead lord.

Bottom of Round 3: Lord succeeds on WWB. Remaining scarabs from Tombspyder leap to contest the middle flag. Shooting from all the surrounding Necrons demolishes the Jetpack squad to 1 soldier. Here is where my rookie mistakes started taking place. I was supposed to jetbike my destroyer and wraith back behind cover. I forgot to do so, which resulted in them being out on their own. I feared that Baliel would assault the squad, and I didn't want to leave the last man time to regroup (cause they do that automatically.) So I assaulted in, kill the last man, then consolidated back a few inches.

Top of Round 4: DA shoots at lord, killing him yet again, then Belial assaults into the wraith, killing both. Belial consolidates back 6".

Bottom of Round 4: Lord gets back up, and quickly retreats behind cover. Destroyers, Heavy destroyers, and warriors shoot into belial's squad killing two, he saves the apothicary wipe for something that never comes.

Top of round 5: Bikers turbo boost up to the third flag. Termies take out the remaing scarabs. DA now controls all three markers. Termies consolidate but don't get fully behind cover.

Bottom of Round 5: I attempt to shoot the termies, but no result. I do shoot the bikers and wipe them off the board. I should have consolidated but even then that would have left me with just 1 marker and DA 2 markers. I had a feeling that if there was a turn 6 that I would have been wiped out had I tried to contest the Termie flag so I didn't. This was probably a bad idea on the whole, but the dice gods were on my side.

Roll for Round 6: Success

Top of Round 6: Termies move out of cover, then assault the nearest squad of warriors, killing over half, but the unit doesn't break. Once again, rookie mistakes. I place the models who are wounded down from the back, when they should have come from the front, the result would have been his termies having to consolidate into my army which would have pulled them away from 3" of the marker, they were already 3".

Bottom of Round 6: I move my Destroyers up to the Termie flag, on the left, then move my right squad of desteroyers, turbo boosted, to the right flag, just reaching contention. My troopers assault the three remaining termies, killing only one.

Result: All three flags are contested.

Roll for Round 7: Fail

Game results in tie: DA - 0 / Nec - 0 Markers

We both felt we did things wrong, and we also had a question about Jetbikes. I read the rules as saying that they can pass over dangerous terrain, and only roll if they stop on dangerous terrain. There for, when using turbo boost, they dont have to worry about going around dangerous terrain, as they never have to worry about it to begin with. Thoughts?

It was a good battle, it was probably won by both of us once or twice, but due to mistakes it ended in a tie. We are still having rules problems, but they are more specific, and are more of the kind that require close examination.

Interesting thought. Matt planned the board to match Fritz's Saim-Hann style. He was able to bring it off for the most part on round 5 and would have won, had there not been a round 6. As a result of these tactics, I countered on round 6 with the same, contesting all and getting a tie and not a loss. The question arises, who was more cheesy. Matt made the comment at the end of the game that I wouldn't have gotten any sportsmanship points at a tourny using my round 6 tactics, which I agree with and didnt complain or counter argue. But I dont see any difference between my use of turbo boosting and his in round 5. Oh well, I have decided that when I go to the competition in March, I will use what tactics will win.

Another question: Cound someone please explain the new line of sight rules clearly. I read the rules and I have to ask, if a model stands above cover, do they get any kind of save (Jetbikes are tall.) If a jetbike is taller than the models in front, can he be shot at? If a squad of immortals are behind a squad of warriors, can the immortals be targeted? And when shooting from behind one squad, does the target get saves? Say the immortals want to return fire, does their wounds allow cover saves because they are behind the necron warriors? I know these seem like newb questions, but we are getting bogged down in the small details now, and cover is so big in 5th edition.

Oh, as an aside, the FTW dice, rolled excellent.

Our Number is Legion


Siph_Horridus said...

My take on this LoS is can the model firing see the whole of the jet bike (ie true LoS). Use the markerlight LoS laser pen. If so, not in cover and no cover save and can be targetted. But, remember to take LoS from the firing model eyeview.

bG said...

I'm a bit of a newb myself, but this is how I interpreted the rules as I read them.
As siph said, if the jetbike is positioned on its stand so that it is above the intervening unit and no part of the jetbike is obscured by any part of the intervening unit (or cover such as a low wall) then it counts as being out in the open.
For firing through units, in your example, the immortals would get a cover save from the warriors as they will obscure the line of sight to parts of the immortal models, but also the target of the immortals would get cover as the warrirors will block l.o.s. to bits of the targets. As the rules states, the only time this doesn't happen is if one of the immortals blocks the view of another immortal of the same squad.

I think that is how it was meant, at least from my interpretation

Lach said...

Okay, thanks to both of you. The LoS for ground troops is exactly how we figured it worked. But the LoS. for jetbikes (in my case destroyers) really sucks. Most cover is only model high and a jetbike stand is easily over most necron models. Sigh, now I have to figure out better tactics against gun armies.

Thanks for the assistance guys.

Anonymous said...

BRB page 76, Turbo Boosters, "cannot move THROUGH difficult terrain".
BRB page 53, Jetbikes, "Jetbikes can move OVER all other models and terrain freely".
Emphasis mine.
So a turbo-boosting Jetbike may ignore intervening difficult terrain, but they may not end their move in it.

If a jetbike is taller than the models in front, can he be shot at?
BRB page 22, TLOS Exceptions, Firing through units, "Note that this does NOT apply if the shots go OVER the area terrain or unit rather than through it."
So if your stems are taller than the intervening unit, your guys get no save.

If a squad of immortals are behind a squad of warriors, can the immortals be targeted?
BRB page 16, TLOS, paraphrased: If you can see any part of the body (head, torso, legs and arms) of any model in the unit, then you can shoot at them. They do count as Obscured and get cover saves.

And when shooting from behind one squad, does the target get saves? Say the immortals want to return fire, does their wounds allow cover saves because they are behind the necron warriors?
BRB page 22, Exceptions, Firing through units or area terrain.
I could quote the rule, but it's easier for you to just read it. Yes, they would get saves both ways.