Exterminatus Here We Come; w/Pictures

So I have been working towards a goal, and I have finally finished. Here I present my tourney ready army with display board. I have also written out the army fluff.

The first picture is of my tomb spyder and a scarab swarm. I am super pleased with this guy, he is by far one of my top models.

Next is the destroyer lord. I decided on a different design, having him holding a resurrection orb. I took an extra destroyer hand, cut it at the elbow, wrist, and removed the fingers. I then glued everything backwards and there ya go. The hand you see in the foreground is the modified hand.

Here is a group shot of the lords. Those orbs are three times bigger, but look so much better.

Last, here is the display board. Its got the cut out portions for all the models, but 40 warriors is alot, so they have just one massive cut out.

Its a necron horde. I love it.

This top down view helps to show the army's true size. 64 models in total.

So Matt at Archangels and I are attending the Exterminatus this weekend in Cleveland Tn. It should be a blast, but I am actually looking more towards the doubles tourney on Friday night, which is hosted by a gaming store in the mall where the Exterminatus will be held. We plan on leaving with plenty of time to get through all the traffic.

I will post the fluff after the tourney, along with the results. Wish us luck.

Our Number is Legion


jabberjabber said...

Good luck to both you and Matt for the tournament!

sovietspace said...

Very very cool mate, the orb idea is great.

How long did the display board take you btw?

Good luck at the tourni, you had better be taking pictures!

Cannonfodder said...

I love armies on showbases. All the best!

The 25mm Warrior said...

Nice job... cool display board too. I dig the opening in the background. Gives it the appearance and feel of the Necrons awakening from there slumber.