Gaming Again!

Its been a long, long time. But after almost a year off I have started playing again and it was fun. We were even able to add a third to our group (although he bought an army almost a year ago...) We played some quick games, nothing to big, and I found that I too have to follow Fritz's ideas on his Return of the Star Gods blog. The main thing is in knowing your army, you have to keep to your plan. A Necron army is not a fluid and quick changing army. If you look at your opponent and know what its going to take to win the battle, then that must remain your plan. To try and change horses mid stream, you will only find yourself floundering on the battle field and most of your army will be wiped out.

So here is to a new year, with a hope that I will have many good games and will have the building/painting bug strike full force.

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